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SEVYN STREETER: Sevyn Streeter is a singer. A performer. A writer. Just a lover of music. I love music. I’m obsessed with it. You’ve worked very closely with Chris Brown over the years. What’s the best lesson he’s taught you as an artist?

STREETER: He definitely taught me to take my time and to not stress in the studio. I’m a little bit obsessive and I’ll do a take 20 times. He doesn’t really let me do that and it’s helped me so much. Even video wise—he was on the set of my video and was giving me pointers on how to come across through the camera. Little things here and there. No matter what arena we’re in, he always has some type of advice for me. You’re working on your debut album?

STREETER: I am! It’s coming along really well. I’ve been in with a couple producers—I have more to go in with. So far so great. What do you expect the vibe to be like?

STREETER: It’s going to be very true to me. I’m going to try to be as honest as possible with the records. I was the typical little Black girl—I grew up singing in church. The urban and R&B will definitely be there. That’s who I am. That’s the type of music I grew up listening to. There’s going to be bits and pieces of pop and alternative in there too. I have to be true to all of myself. [But] the core of it is going to be urban and R&B. Are you writing the songs on the album too?

STREETER: I’m doing a lot of writing. I’m not really trying to write all of the records myself. I’m so not interested in that. I love writing with other writers. We sit in the room and we throw ideas back and forth and that creative process is so much fun to me.                                                     What do you want most out of your career?

STREETER: When I think about the dreams and ideas I had when I was younger, as singer you envision yourself on a stage touring the world. That’s how I view it. I love shows and I love performing. I can’t wait for the day when I can tour the world and have crazy costume changes and crazy sets and a really great band. That’s all I really want. Where do you get most of your inspiration?

STREETER: It’s weird. I like going to the movies by myself. Like just sitting in the back, catching a really good movie. It may not be a movie that your friends want to go see with you. But I love watching movies. I get inspired by them a lot. They don’t have a box. Also my everyday conversations with people inspire me. Everybody is different. Everyone has a different take on life, love and relationships. There are a million ways you can sell that story.

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  1. JanuaryShytown says:

    Love her new single, “I Like It” Best record ever. Liked her in that group she was in best. But as a solo artist, if she continues to come up with hits like her most recent one, she will be definitely rising to the top of the music world as a new and talented artist. The girl’s definitely got talent. Her and Chris Brown made a smart decision to team up. Fine China, fans love it. Sevyn Streeter, fantastic writer and singer. Chris Brown, fantastic singer, best R&B, good rapper, he made a good decision with this one. Wish he would do the same with his relationships and patch things up with Rihanna! We give Sevyn Streeter A+ for best song, “I Like It”

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Amber Denise Streeter (born July 7, 1986), known by her stage name Sevyn Streeter, is an American singer and songwriter, best known for being a member of the girl groups TG4 and RichGirl where she was known asSe7en. In 2012, she changed her stage name to Sevyn Streeter. Currently signed to Atlantic Records, her debut EP entitled Call Me Crazy, But... was released on December 3, 2013 She has written songs for artists such as Chris Brown, K. Michelle, Usher, Kelly Rowland, Ariana Grande, Trey Songz, Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Brandy, and Tamar Braxton... [ Read More ]
Girl Disrupted
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Sevyn Streeter's debut album Girl Disrupted features the banger 'Prolly' with Gucci Mane and the R&B hit 'My Love for You'
Release Date: SEPTEMBER 4, 2016
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Sevyn Streeter makes her debut acting appearance as the sassy Selita in the film Ringside.
My Love For You
Release Date: SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
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Featured as the second single from Sevyn's debut album Girl Disrupted, 'My Love For You' features the signature R&B sound and vocals. Support Sevyn by purchasing it today.
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